Here in New Zealand, we consider every year a vintage year, our grapes always ripen because of our marvellous sunshine hours - Daniel Le Brun

In the early days,  as he pioneered growing techniques and production methods unknown in New Zealand at the time, Daniel Le Brun became known as 'the crazy Frenchman'. 

But Daniel could see that the climate and soils of Marlborough would make crisp and acidic wine that would age beautifully, meaning that it works perfectly for really good bubbles.

"We have, in Marlborough, the ideal climate for viticulture with high sunshine hours, moderate rainfall (550mm per annum) and high summer temperatures, cool dry autumns and cold winters." - Daniel Le Brun

Our vineyard lies in the river bed of the Wairau River. It is mainly flat terrain with soil that is a mixture of river stones, sandy loams and gravels which are ideal for growing the traditional champagne clones of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. The vineyard has had sustainability certification since 2009.