The No. 1 Family

Samantha Scott - General Manager/Director

Sam is responsible for the general management of the team at No. 1 Family Estate.

With more than 20 years' experience in the financial sector Sam brings many skills in financial planning and staff management to our business. Included in Sam’s role is working with the sales team and assisting with events and PR. 

Growing up in Marlborough, after emigrating as a child with her family from the UK, Sam has seen the many changes in the wine industry in New Zealand as it has evolved over the last 25 years. Sam has a grown up family, Michelle and Bradley.


Lee Dobson - Winery Manager

After 13 years working in the winery learning from Daniel, Lee knows pretty much everything there is to know about making Méthode Traditionelle wine. Lee's role is hands-on, all day every day, and his days are diverse and always busy. When he's not in the winery, you'll have to travel far off the beaten track to find him because he'll be spearfishing in the Marlborough Sounds in the summer and snowboarding in the mountains when the weather turns colder.     

Lee was born in South Africa and after spells living in England and Southern Ireland he arrived in New Zealand and the rest, as they say, is history.