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No.1 Assemblé Reviews

Posted by [email protected] on September 24, 2015

We’re all rather thrilled that No.1 Assemblé has been spotted “out and about” of late…

Here are a few reviews we’ve spotted this week.

Firstly, Yvonne Lorkin suggests that you go “au naturel” and invest the $35 you might have spent on a half-leg wax on a mouth-watering bottle of No.1 Assemblé instead… We couldn’t agree more! Read the full article HERE.

Then we spotted the following in Dish Magazine. Most of all we love that the article refers to Daniel as “New Zealand’s Grand Poobah of bubbles”!

Méthode actor

New Zealand’s Grand Poobah of bubbles, Daniel Le Brun, has crafted the country’s first sparkling wine to be labelled as Méthode Marlborough, instead of the more generic Méthode Traditionelle. Named “Assemblé” (ah-som-blay), it’s a blend of 60 per cent pinot noir and 40 per cent chardonnay and carries Daniel’s brand new No.1 Family Estate company logo. The Le Brun family is a foundation member of Méthode Marlborough Society (an organisation set up to protect the quality and heritage of Marlborough’s finest bubbles), and other members will soon be using the Méthode Marlborough brand on their labels too. – Dish Magazine

Wine and food writer, Ewan Sargent also reviews Assemblé…

No.1 Family Estate Méthode Marlborough

The key thing here is not so much the easy-drinking No.1 Family Estate bubbly, which has always been a bright, smooth, bready pleasure, but more the new name. This is the first of a series of bubbles coming out of Marlborough from a variety of companies which will drop the “Traditionelle” nomenclature. It marks another step in the march of Kiwi wineries to claim a greater sense of terroir in what they make. We should welcome this growing maturity within some of the world’s best wines.– Ewan Sargent

You can buy yours HERE.