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3 ways to get the best from your bottle of bubbles

Posted by [email protected] on April 28, 2016

Drinking a glass of bubbles may seem a straightforward undertaking, after all the only steps you need to follow are open, pour and sip… Isn’t that so?

Here at No.1 Family Estate, in essence we’d agree… Drinking a glass of our wine should be a simple pleasure and we don’t want to complicate that… But, as it happens, there are a few things you could be doing to ensure you get the best from your bottle of bubbles. Here’s a list of three of those:

1. Raise your glass – Vintage shaped coupe glasses have had a popular resurgence of late, but you could be forgoing taste and experience for aesthetics… The extra-wide mouth overexposes your wine to air, which means the bubbles to escape too quickly and you won’t enjoy all of its aromas. At No.1 Family Estate we serve our Méthode Traditionelle wines from a flute. The design of the long stemmed flute enhances the flow of bubbles to the crown and concentrates the aromas of the wine. We believe that there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching the long stream of tiny bubbles rise like a string of beads, funneling the flavour and bouquet to explode joyfully at the top of the glass.

2. Keep your cool – Chill your bottle of bubbles to optimum temperature. Serving temperature is very much based around personal preference. It certainly shouldn’t be warm, but don’t over chill or you may miss delicate flavours and aromas. A great method of chilling is to fill an ice bucket with a mixture of cold water and ice cubes and leave your bottle to sit for ten to fifteen minutes.

3. Take with food – Whilst it’s no secret that bubbles make a delicious apéritif, we always think it’s such a shame when they’re reserved solely to tickle the taste buds and stimulate the appetite prior to a fine celebratory lunch or dinner. We have taken part in and held dégustation dinners where bubbles are served with every course… What a joy! Another misconception is that bubbles should be served with fancy food… Not true. Some might say there is no greater pleasure than fish and chips served with a glass of  No.1 Cuvée!

Three ways to treat the best mum ever on Mother's Day

Posted by [email protected] on April 22, 2016

Here at No. 1 Family Estate, as our name suggests, we believe family are tremendously important!

The day is fast approaching where we celebrate the family member who is often the emotional backbone of the entire household, It’s Mother’s Day in New Zealand on May 8th, just a couple of weeks away.

It’s a great occasion to take the opportunity to treat somebody that you think is a top Mum… This may of course be the person you call Mum, but it might be your Nana, your sister, your wife or partner, or a friend that you think is doing a great job cherishing and nurturing their family.

If we wrote a job description for the post of Mum, it would be pages long, a mother is always busy putting others first, so on Mother’s Day why not treat your top Mum to a day putting her feet up, and prepare a special treat for her…

Breakfast in Bed –Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, served on a tray with a fresh flower and a glass of No.1 Assemblé… A sparkling start to a celebratory day!
Lovingly prepared lunch  – Make the Sunday lunch for Mum. How about roast lamb? This pairs perfectly with No. 1 Rosé. Dry, yet fresh and elegant, No. 1 Rosé leaves a lasting impression of opulence and splendour, and can definitely hold it’s own as a main meal accompaniment.
A tea full of treats – There’s something deliciously decadent about a traditional afternoon tea… Finger sandwiches filled with cucumber and smoked salmon, scones with jam and cream and cake! Serve this classic tea with classic bubbles, Cuvée No. 1.

However, you choose to spoil Mum we wish you all a marvellous day and remember, we can deliver a special gift to your special mum!