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A new logo design

Posted by [email protected] on July 29, 2016

Here at No. 1 Family estate, the home of Méthode Traditionelle wine in New Zealand, our cellar door is famous, not just for the delicious bubbles you can taste here, but also for our landmark arch way. Here it is in all its picturesque autumnal glory.

We often get newly married couples or honeymooners call by and have their photo taken underneath the arch way that has become synonymous with celebration… Fitting really, as bubbles have a tendency to do that!








It seemed only appropriate to include the arch way within our branding, so we had the wonderful Alex Lloyd work on a new logo for us…. here it is ...



A Review for No. 1 Reserve

Posted by [email protected] on July 26, 2016

We’re excited to let you know that our No.1 Reserve, recently received a sparkling review from Cameron Douglas, and scored top of the class with 96 points (using the 100-point wine rating system).

The 100-point wine rating system has become the benchmark of quality in the wine industry.

Cameron Douglas is New Zealand’s first and only Master Sommelier. He is a Senior Lecturer at AUT University in Auckland, local and international wine judge, wine commentator and wine educator as well as a speaker and presenter in New Zealand and internationally. Cameron is also an examiner with the Court of Master Sommeliers Worldwide; so you could say he knows a thing or two about wine…!

Here’s what he said about No.1 Reserve;

Very elegant with a rich and complex bouquet, focused citrus and peach aromas balanced by a complex toasty autolysis and light strawberry note. On the palate – toasty, fresh, packed with flavours of white peach, strawberry and citrus, a nutty layer and autolysis complexity; medium++ acidity, fine mousse and long finish, an excellent example of sparkling wine.
96 Points

No.1 Reserve was held on lees for five and a half years allowing full autolysis displaying a consistent superfine bead, and firm mousse resulting in a typical, complex, champagne-like character, and giving it the title of “Reserve”. The palate is intensely flavoured and focused with the good fruit-yeast balance providing elegance and style. The extended lees aging has given it extra richness with complex biscuity notes, a well-balanced delicate freshness and a lengthy finish.

No.1 Reserve is limited to 500 bottles, (each of which have been individually hand numbered and hand labelled), and is now on allocation.
Magnums, also numbered, are available in extremely limited numbers.
The bottles are presented in a gift box and the magnum in a wooden box.

To your health To your waistline!

Posted by [email protected] on July 13, 2016

Here at No.1 Family Estate, we’re strong advocates for sensible drinking, in moderation. However, we also hold by the general rule of thumb, that a “little bit of what you fancy” keeps you happy, and with happiness comes health! So we’re not going to get into the “is it good for you?” or “is it bad for you?” alcohol debate.That said, drinking a glass of bubbles does come with its own benefits in that it may certainly be better for the waistline! Here are the reasons why…

Methode traditionelle wines are generally lower in calories than still wines, a standard glass contains approximately 80-90 calories, as opposed to still wine which is around 120 calories. A Brut de Brut, such as our Cuvée Adele has no sugar added.
Glasses or flutes used to serve bubbles are generally smaller in size than those used for still wines, this keeps the calorie count even lower.
The bubbles in a glass of methode traditionelle wine have been known to slow down a person’s drinking, as well as making them feel fuller quicker.  This concept is described perfectly by Mireille Guilian, on her blog “French women don’t get fat”; she says… “The drama in the glass makes it hard to drink it too quickly.“

Of course the flip side of the coin is that a glass of bubbles is often served as an apéritif, served before a meal to stimulate the appetite!

We’ll leave it for you to decide… To your waistline! To your health! Or as we say in France… A votre santé!

A bubbly brunch

Posted by [email protected] on July 12, 2016

We’re thrilled to be part of Hospice North Shore’s Vintners’ Brunch. This celebration of Auckland’s finest restaurants and New Zealand’s world-class wineries is in its 20th year. The Vintners’ Brunch offers 450 guests the chance to sample delectable food and wine; to meet the chefs and wine personalities that produce them and to vote for the winner of the coveted Vintners’ Brunch Wine & Food Match Award.

All tickets and seats have been allocated, so if you haven’t been lucky enough to find a place on the guest list why not create your own bubbly brunch? You could even make it a fundraiser, gather some friends together to support your local hospice.

All tickets and seats have been allocated, so if you haven’t been lucky enough to find a place on the guest list why not create your own bubbly brunch? You could even make it a fundraiser, gather some friends together to support your local hospice.

Here are a few tips to help you throw the perfect bubbly brunch.

Don’t forget the appetisers – Many of your guests will have skipped breakfast because they know they’re going to eat brunch… Like all parties and occasions your guests will arrive at various times, so ensure you have some tasty morsels on hand for those that arrive early. We love this recipefor Gougères.
Prepare your eggs ahead of time – Okay so that’s tricky with a perfectly poached egg, opt instead for a delicious Quiche or Frittata. Or consider having all your ingredients ready for these Annabel Langbein Breakfast Pies, and pop them in the oven just as your guests start to arrive.
Have a fruity time – Some people just aren’t into eggs and savouries, so don’t forget to have a delicious fruit salad on hand, but make sure it’s seasonal. If you’re reading this in the midst of our NZ winter try this Vibrant Citrus and Pomegranate Winter Fruit Salad, the jewel like tones will add a festive feel to your brunch. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, make the most of seasonal berries, this recipe uses honey and vanilla for flavour.
Buffet if you need to – If you’re hosting just half a dozen friends you can probably go to town and set the table, if you get above ten people it’s sometimes easier to consider a buffet style option, and let your guests help themselves to the fruits of your labour.
Remember the most important ingredient… Break out the bubbles!