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Méthode Marlborough Sparkling Master Class at Marlborough Wine & Food Festival

Posted by No 1 Family Estate on February 01, 2016

With less than two weeks to go until The Marlborough Wine & Food Festival, New Zealand’s original and longest running wine festival, (Saturday 13th February), we’re thrilled to be part of the Méthode Marlborough Sparkling Master Class.

We are proud to be part of Méthode Marlborough, a society of ten highly regarded Marlborough producers; established in 2013 with the aim of communicating the quality and heritage of Marlborough traditional method sparkling wines.

All “Méthode Marlborough” wines are made in the traditional method which means the second fermentation is in the bottle, followed by the intricate riddling and disgorging process. This produces the finest and most persistent bead. Additionally, all these wines are aged for a minimum of 18 months before disgorging takes place. This allows complex flavours to develop, balancing fresh and fruit driven character with savoury notes of toast and brioche.

Méthode Marlborough is dedicated to promoting wines made only from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. This trio of varieties is internationally recognised as a benchmark style by sparkling wine producers all around the world.

What better way to kick-start your Festival than with a glass of celebratory bubbles? In this 60 minute Master Class (running fro 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.) you will have the rare opportunity to not only hear first-hand from some of the producers themselves but also taste wines from all 10 in the group. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Valentines Day - Celebrate in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Blenheim or Nelson

Posted by No 1 Family Estate on January 25, 2016

It’s that time of year again… Just under three weeks until that most romantic of day arrives, so we wanted to remind you how easy it is to let us play Cupid. Spoil your No.1 love with bubbles this year.

We have beautiful “Two of One” gift boxes, choose from

Two bottles of Cuvée No. 1 or
One bottle of Cuvée No. 1 plus one bottle of No 1 Rosé

If you want to give a truly wonderful gift that celebrates the longevity of your love for your Valentine, then look no further than a bottle of No.1 Assemblé.

A non-vintage brut, Assemblé has spent a minimum of 18 months on lees, encouraging full yeast autolysis, making it an easy-drinking, aperitif style. It is fresh and inviting with sophisticated and typical characters, intense flavours, and a long finish.






We’re so thrilled to play Cupid we’re even running a Facebook promotion at the moment. It’s easy to enter! Simply LIKE US then enter the draw on our Facebook Page and you could win a $150 Voucher from your choice of thirteen fabulous restaurants.

The French Café – Auckland
Annabelles Restaurant – Auckland
Ortega Fish Shack & Bar – Wellington
Dockside Restaurant & Bar – Wellington
MIA Dining & Wine Cellar – Blenheim
Raupo Riverside Cafe – Blenheim
The Boat Shed Cafe – Nelson or Mapua
Urban Oyster Bar & Eatery – Nelson
Saggio Di Vino – Christchurch

3 Reasons Bubbles & Summer go together perfectly

Posted by No 1 Family Estate on January 14, 2016

Summertime brings with it a renewed energy and eager playfulness. It give us the perfect reason to slow down, take a break, and refocus our energy on the things that matter most in life – adventure, rest, relaxation, and of course refreshing summer bubbles. Whether you’re poolside, beachside, or mountainside, a glass of bubbles (or two) is sure to help you restore your inner zen.

We often gauge the turning of the seasons by which drinks we desire, and a yearning for bubbles is as accurate as any calendar for telling us it’s summer. It’s the time for festive celebrations, and casual impromptu gatherings with friends and family, wherever the mood takes you. Day or night, at home or a welcome invitation, bubbles is simply perfect anywhere and anytime.

Here are 3 reasons why you should always have a bottle of bubbles at hand!

Popping a cork to toast an occasion with an elegant fizzing glass of bubbles is a traditional way to celebrate all around the world, (although you know our mantra… Don’t save it for the celebrations). Nothing captures joy and exuberance more aptly. Hot summer days and balmy evenings are reason enough to celebrate the abundance of a perfect Kiwi summer.
Fresh, crisp and elegant, this versatile great classic tickles the tongue like stars exploding on the tastebuds. Perfect for an aperitif or throughout the evening, it can be savoured on its own or with delicious summer food pairings. Every sip provides an effervescent bouquet of freshly-picked berry fruits.
Why not surprise your host with bubbles instead of wine, and spoil them with its depth and sophistication. With its light body and tiny ethereal bubbles, it provides a little instant luxury, making it just perfect for sharing.

There is so much fabulous summertime joy that can be enhanced by bubbles, they truly are ready for any kind of party.

Happy New Year from No.1 Family Estate!

Posted by No 1 Family Estate on January 04, 2016


A Happy New Year to all of you!

If there’s one celebration that’s sure to get the corks popping it’s the start of a brand new year, we hope you celebrated well and enjoyed your evening, wherever you were.

It’s a traditional time of year to make resolutions, so we thought we’d share a few that we think could make 2016 a truly sparkling affair…

Try something new – You could go sky-diving or book a bungy jump, but if you’re not the adventurous type we have just the thing! Our newest release, 70 Caliber, this wine celebrates our founder and winemaker Daniel Le Brun on the occasion of his 70th birthday (late 2015) and 35th year pioneering Methode Traditionelle in Marlborough.
Be more romantic – Get a head start on Cupid, don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show your significant other how much you care. A touch of romance can give your health and well-being a delicious boost… A loving relationship can bolster your immune system, a simple hug can keep you and your loved one stress free! A bottle of bubbly is the perfect way to say “I love you” at anytime of year, and it doesn’t  get anymore romantic than No 1 Rosé.
Think beyond the canapé – Bubbles are often served as an apéritif but we always think it’s such a shame when they’re reserved solely to tickle the taste buds and stimulate the appetite prior to a fine celebratory lunch or dinner. Our wines, happily hold their own as part of the main attraction or dessert. We often share recipes  that will give you super new ideas for serving bubbles, sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss out.
Celebrate more – Enough said. Life is full of celebration, but we don’t always recognise them; that said…
Don’t save the bubbles for celebrations – Heed the wise words of Madam Lily Bollinger…..

“I only drink champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not in a hurry and drink it when I am, otherwise I never touch the stuff unless I am thirsty.”

Introducing two very special No.1 Family Estate Wine

Posted by Website Admin on December 02, 2015

Here at No.1 Family Estate, we love producing extraordinary wines, and nothing makes them more special than when they mark a unique occasion.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce two new releases to you.


Cuvée Virginie 2009

Vintage Méthode Traditionelle

Daniel produces a vintage blend in only those years he considers to be outstanding in quality. Cuvée Virginie is blended from 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir and crafted especially by Daniel as a proud tribute to his daughter Virginie. Over four years on lees has produced a Méthode Traditionelle displaying many dimensions, it is well-rounded and has good yeast autolysis, a hallmark of this winemaker’s well-known style.

Read More & Purchase HERE







70 Calibre

This exclusive release celebrates our founder and winemaker Daniel Le Brun on the occasion of his 70th birthday and 35th year pioneering Méthode Traditionelle in Marlborough.

70 Calibre is a tribute to this Champagne maker who left his home and heritage in Champagne, France, with a vision of Marlborough becoming a world class Méthode Traditionelle region.

30 months on lees, this blend is Pinot Noir predominant, a Blanc de Noirs, carefully blended in secret from our reserve base wines. Zero dosage is the mark of full development and autolysis, requiring no enhancement.

Read More & Purchase HERE

One Night, Five Courses, Ten Sparklings

Posted by No 1 Family Estate on October 10, 2015

Following the release of No.1 Assemblé, the first wine in New Zealand to be labeled as “Méthode Marlborough” instead of Méthode Traditionelle, we’re thrilled once again to be part of a Méthode Marlborough event.

One Night, Five Courses, Ten Sparklings

Following an immensely successful inaugural dinner earlier this year, this second spectacular dining event will take place at the Omaka air field.

Celebrated local chef David Anderson and his team will create a five course menu paired with the delicious and complex flavours of the region’s most prestigious traditional method sparkling wines, and served around a vintage spitfire aeroplane.



The evening will be hosted by a winemaker or representative from each winery.


WHEN: Saturday 21 November 2015 at 6.30pm.
WHERE: Aviation Heritage Centre, Omaka Aerodrome

Tickets are strictly limited. $150.00 per person or $1,350 for a table of ten.
Contact Nicola Clark on 03 572 6208 to reserve your tickets.

No.1 Assemblé Reviews

Posted by No 1 Family Estate on September 24, 2015

We’re all rather thrilled that No.1 Assemblé has been spotted “out and about” of late…

Here are a few reviews we’ve spotted this week.

Firstly, Yvonne Lorkin suggests that you go “au naturel” and invest the $35 you might have spent on a half-leg wax on a mouth-watering bottle of No.1 Assemblé instead… We couldn’t agree more! Read the full article HERE.

Then we spotted the following in Dish Magazine. Most of all we love that the article refers to Daniel as “New Zealand’s Grand Poobah of bubbles”!

Méthode actor

New Zealand’s Grand Poobah of bubbles, Daniel Le Brun, has crafted the country’s first sparkling wine to be labelled as Méthode Marlborough, instead of the more generic Méthode Traditionelle. Named “Assemblé” (ah-som-blay), it’s a blend of 60 per cent pinot noir and 40 per cent chardonnay and carries Daniel’s brand new No.1 Family Estate company logo. The Le Brun family is a foundation member of Méthode Marlborough Society (an organisation set up to protect the quality and heritage of Marlborough’s finest bubbles), and other members will soon be using the Méthode Marlborough brand on their labels too. – Dish Magazine

Wine and food writer, Ewan Sargent also reviews Assemblé…

No.1 Family Estate Méthode Marlborough

The key thing here is not so much the easy-drinking No.1 Family Estate bubbly, which has always been a bright, smooth, bready pleasure, but more the new name. This is the first of a series of bubbles coming out of Marlborough from a variety of companies which will drop the “Traditionelle” nomenclature. It marks another step in the march of Kiwi wineries to claim a greater sense of terroir in what they make. We should welcome this growing maturity within some of the world’s best wines.– Ewan Sargent

You can buy yours HERE.

A winter warming afternoon tea

Posted by No 1 Family Estate on June 26, 2015

In our last blog post we shared a 10 tip guide to ensure you bubble with happiness during the winter months… Tip number 4 was to “Stay Social”; tempting as it is to hibernate in winter, a social event with the family and friends you care for, is often a much needed antidote to the winter blues. If you still feel it’s too much effort to leave the warmth of your cosy home in the evening, try a day-time event…. We have the perfect idea!


A winter warming afternoon tea


  • Warm savouries – Think warmed mini cheese scones filled with apple and winter fruit chutney or tiny Welsh Rarebit fingers (find a recipe HERE)
  • Traditional finger sandwiches – Cucumber, smoked salmon, chicken with mayonnaise… All the classics!
  • Cakes and sweet treats… Perhaps a winter fruit cake for a distinctly festive feel, (try this RECIPE)
  • Something chocolatey and delightful… How about Salted Caramel Choc Pots?
  • Your best tea service… This is the time to use that beautiful china, handed down from Great Aunt Ethel, if you don’t have a tea service scour the op shops for cake stands and other pieces, they really don’t have to match!
  • Winter warming teas – Harney & Sons Fine Teas have a wonderful selection
  • Bubbles… Of course! Buy Yours HERE
  • Great company



Combine all the ingredients… Mix well… Enjoy!

A Few Fun Facts

Posted by No 1 Family Estate on March 06, 2015

Here at No.1 Family Estate we’re proud to specialise exclusively in Méthode Traditionelle wines, all are produced from top-quality, hand-harvested grapes grown exclusively for making this style of wine and processed through the state-of-the-art equipment imported from Champagne.

Here are a few facts you might not know about the wine we produce…

  • No.1 Family Estate produced the first non-vintage true Méthode Traditionelle on the market in New Zealand.
  • During the second fermentation each bottle of our Méthode Traditionelle wine contains about 90 pounds per square inch of pressure, that’s the same as a tyre on a London bus.
  • A cork can reach a velocity of about 64 kilometers per hour if popped out of the bottle.That’s why we recommend that once you have removed the tear tab, you take the top of the foil off and loosen the cage. Then hold the cork firmly in your hand and twist the bottle. Twisting the bottle rather than the cork means you exert force on the bottle neck not on the cork which would otherwise be more likely to break. You also have more control on the cork popping to prevent the explosive release of gas.